Our Mission

We are focused on our core purpose – the learning growth, wellbeing and best possible outcomes for each and every child in our school.

We are committed to creating:

  • A challenging learning environment with high expectations for all.
  • Stimulating and engaging evidence-based teaching and learning programs.
  • Needs based focused teaching.
  • A caring, supportive and respectful environment where there are positive relationships between students, parents, staff and the broader community.
  • Educational experiences that support our students to become positive, productive local and global citizens.


Our Story…

Teaching and Learning

We have high expectations for the learning growth of each child. We use research evidence to implement innovative, ‘best practice’ teaching and learning. We have a strong emphasis on academic development and achievement in reading, writing and mathematics to build strong foundations throughout primary school. Building strong foundational literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills will help to provide our students with a good basis on which to pursue their hopes and dreams in the future. We also endeavor to recognize and nurture students’ strengths and talents.


We integrate some subject areas through Inquiry based learning, which is widely regarded as ‘best practice’ in providing the structure needed for students to be highly effective 21st century learners. Inquiry based learning is an excellent vehicle for equipping students with a variety of skills and attributes to cope with the demands of the 21st century. In this digital age where information is developing at a rapid rate, students need to be highly skilled at researching, and investigating information in many different ways when they need it; and at comprehending and evaluating new ideas. They can’t know all there is to know. Through Inquiry Learning students explore big ideas about our world, make connections in their learning and apply their learning to new situations. They learn to think critically, creatively and reflectively, form questions, solve problems and make decisions. A range of varied learning experiences supports students to be effective, empathetic communicators, to cooperate with others and work effectively in teams.

We have a strong focus on ICT throughout our teaching and learning program which enhances learning and promotes student engagement.

Throughout our curriculum, in an effort to engage and motivate our students and empower them to be lifelong learners, we make learning transparent. This means we support students to learn what progress looks like, guiding them to know how their learning is progressing and what they need to learn next. We encourage students to reflect on their learning and set goals. As students’ progress through their schooling we want them to be capable of powering their own learning.

Science is high priority area and we have Specialist staff with expertise in this area who implement programs throughout the school. We also provide Specialist programs in Mandarin, Physical Education, MARC and Visual Arts. Our Specialist programs together with other extracurricular programs enables our students to experience and excel in a wide variety of endeavours.



Our school is committed to maintaining an environment of care, respect, collaboration and teamwork, a positive school culture that engages and supports students in their learning.

We implement  a Junior-Senior Buddy Program.

Our School Student Leadership program encourages a sense of responsibility within our senior students and develops their leadership skills.


Our Staff

The Lardner and District Primary School staff work together as a cohesive team. All of our staff are highly committed to the school and have the best interests of all children at heart.

The teaching staff work together as a highly motivated whole school Professional Learning Team to monitor the learning and progress of all children. We all work together to ensure the learning growth and well-being of each student.


Our School Community

At Lardner and District Primary school we believe in positive, caring, and respectful relationships between all members of the school community. Working closely with our families is important because much more can be achieved when we work together. We have a wonderful school community, a very supportive School Council and an active parent group who provide a high level of support for a range of school activities and fundraising.

Our Values

We are an inclusive and positive community.

We are confident and resilient learners who strive to grow and achieve.

We have respectful relationships.

We are a friend to the environment.