Lardner and District Primary School features:

  • An outdoor learning environment.
  • A large covered deck area.
  • A large environmental garden including a vegetable garden.
  • A safe playground that includes playground equipment, a covered basketball court, football oval and plenty of shade.
  • Five well-resourced and maintained classrooms.
  • A modern computerised MARC library.
  • Interactive whiteboards, laptops, desktopsĀ and iPads. With a ratio of one computer to every two students.
  • A fully equipped classroom kitchen.

Apart from a strong academic program, the school offers students the opportunity to be involved in an extensive range of additional experiences that include:

  • Junior/Senior Buddy Program.
  • Student School Leadership Program.
  • Specialist Art Program
  • Specialist Music Program.
  • Specialist Science Program
  • Camps.
  • Curriculum based cultural excursions and incursions.
  • Swimming program.
  • Cluster sports program.
  • Sports clinics
  • Healthy Eating program.

We have a wonderful School Community where parental involvement and participation in school activities, School Council, Parents Club and fundraising activities is actively encouraged and greatly valued.


Lardner and District Primary School (5393) – 2018 – Overall Implementation Plan (2)

School Strategic Plan

Lardner and District Primary School (5393) – 2018 – Strategic Plan – Goals and Targets

2017 Annual Report

2017-18 annual report